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Rafting in the Vjosa River

Explore Permet!

Permet is full of different attractions and adventures that would impress anyone. From Thermal Baths to giant rocks, Permet never disappoints. That is why our motto is, "Besides the sea, we have everything else." Let's take a look at what Permet can offer.   


Rafting in the Vjosa River

Rafting has become one of the most popular activities in recent years. This is thanks to the Vjosa River, the wildest river in Europe. Rafting in the Vjosa river is an adventure full of adrenaline and magic, something out of this world.

Horse Riding

Coming Soon!

Benja 1 (Improved)

Thermal Baths

The Thermal Baths of Benja (Llixhat e Benjes) are the most popular attraction in Permet. Located fifteen kilometers from Permet, the site consists of small to medium-sized natural pools surrounded by wild nature.

National Park
"Bredhi i Hotoves"

The National Park of Permet, known as The Fir of Hotova, is one of the largest parks in South Albania. Ninety-eight percent of the park consists of conifers, which create a stunning landscape.The Nation Park is the best place to organize a family trip or go with a group of friends.

Bredhi i Hotoves (Improved)_edited.jpg

Leusa Church

The Church of Saint Mary of Leusa is one of Permet's most prominent religious monuments. The church used to be one of the largest monasteries and schools that was built in the late 18th century.

Hiking in Strembec

For any nature enthusiasts who fancy a long hike and amazing views, Strembec is the right place. With an elevation of 850 meters, hiking in Strebec is a unique experience for almost anyone. 

Stermbec (Improved)

Ali Postivan

The Tekke of Alipostivan is a religious monument located 40 - 50 minutes from Permet. It is a "whole city" condensed on a tiny hill overlooking hundreds of acres of forest and fields below.

Saint Mary of Kosina Church

Of all the churches surrounding Permet, the Church of Saint Mary of Kosina is the most valuable one. It is one of the oldest orthodox churches in the Balkans, dating from the 11th century.

Kisha e Kosines (Improved)_edited.jpg

The City's Rock

The City's Rock is the distinctive symbol that recognizes the city of Permet. What we know is that on top of the rock, there was a magnificent castle that corresponds to an ancient legend. The palace was destroyed during the invasion of the Ottomans, along with all the memories of the kingdom. However, the remains are still visible today.

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